How Do You Repair a Shed Door?

To repair a shed door, identify the problem, determine the materials and tools needed to repair the door, remove the door, make needed repairs and replace the door. Repair techniques vary based on the type of shed door, its material and the problem encountered.

Remove a weather damaged wood shed door from its frame to repair it. Sand and clean the door to remove any old paint, stains or dirt. Saw off rotten sections of the door and attach fresh wood. Sand the wood so that it blends with the rest of the door. Apply coat of paint and primer before attaching the door back in its frame.

To fix a roll up shed door, check its tracks for any raised surfaces, dents or misalignment. Clean the rolls and rails with soap and water while moving the door up and down. Raise the door and place an anchor beneath it to check the spring. If the spring needs replacement, unhook it from the pulley and door and replace it.

For a skewered door, check the spacing between the door and latch. If the door is misaligned or there is a gap, remove the hinges, cut cardboard shims and shim the hinge. Add new shims until the door is completely balanced.