How Do You Repair a Septic Tank?


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Repairing septic problems typically calls for pushing out any clogs in the system. The issue usually lies with the pipe or sewer lid. You may need a plumber's snake, scrubbing tools, roto rooter or a crack filler kit for this project.

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  1. Fish out the obstruction

    Purchase a plumber's snake to dislodge the blockage from the drain pipe.

  2. Gain entry to the septic pipe

    If the plumber's snake did not work, dig up the ground to search for the septic tank lid. Check the level of the liquid inside. If the water is below the inlet, the blockage source can be found at the inlet's end. Use a hose to remove foreign objects from the system.

  3. Inspect the drain pipe

    Check the drain pipe to see if plants have grown there. Use a roto rooter tool to cut into the plant matter.

  4. Scrape the lid

    If there is debris on the lid, use a screwdriver to remove it. A wire brush is another suitable tool. The surface of the lid should be smooth. Wash debris away with water if necessary.

  5. Seal the cracks

    Look for cracks in the septic tank lid. Use a an epoxy crack filling kit to make the necessary repairs. Place pressure on the filler so it can sink deeply into the cracks. Smooth the filler out, and allow it to dry.

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