How Do You Repair a SeaLand Toilet?


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Dismantle a SeaLand toilet, clean the ball area, and repair it by replacing any faulty parts. Begin by removing the covers from the pedestal and foot pedal. Shut off the water, and remove the toilet's feed line, along with the hose that connects to the vacuum breaker. Water drains out of the pipe, so be ready to catch it with a towel.

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A hose clamp and a half clamp hold the toilet bowl on the pedestal; remove the clamps, along with the screws that hold the water valve, pedal and spring cartridge in place. Replace the pedal base's gasket if necessary. This step is necessary if the pedal base has been leaking.

To replace the toilet ball, first clean the area thoroughly. Lubricate the o-rings on the new shaft with silicone grease before installing it. Replace the spring cartridge, pedal and water valve in the opposite order in which you removed them. Finally, replace the vacuum breaker behind the bowl.

To reassemble the toilet, place the gasket and seal on the flush ball before returning and clamping the toilet bowl. Replace the water hoses and the holding band, ensuring that they are secured tightly. Replace the pedestal cover, pedal and pedal cover before turning the water back on.

Parts diagrams for the SeaLand 510H and 511H are available at AmericanRVCompany.com. The diagrams include links to purchase each part from the same site.

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