How Do You Repair Scratches on a Wood Floor?


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Repair scratches on wood floors with wax, floor polish or stain markers. Deeper gouges may require sanding or colored wood putty to fill the scratch before applying a new coat of finish.

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How Do You Repair Scratches on a Wood Floor?
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A small surface scratch often disappears with a coat of paste wax or acrylic floor polish. Clean the floor before applying the filler. Apply the wax or polish only to the scratched area. Once it dries, wipe it with a clean cloth to get rid of the extra.

A variety of furniture touch-up pens, markers and crayons help hide scratches so they blend in with the surrounding floor. Even brown shoe polish or regular markers or crayons can work in a pinch to cover minor scratches. Match the color as closely as possible to the stain color on the floor. When using a wax filler stick or crayon, wipe away excess wax with a clean cloth.

For a deep scratch, fill the area with wood putty tinted to the same color as the hardwood. Let the putty dry before sanding it lightly for a smooth finish. Wipe away any dust remaining on the floor after sanding. Brush on a thin layer of finish to match the rest of the floor only on the area you filled with the wood putty.

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