How Do You Repair Scratches on Glass Cooktop Stoves?

Minor scratches on a glass stove tops can be removed using either baking soda or metal polish cream, but little can be done to resolve deep scratches in the glass. Both potenial methods require rubbing the cool cook top with a soft rag and the buffing solution.

When using the baking soda method, a loose paste must be made using baking soda and water; mix these to roughly the consistency of pudding. The paste should not be too gritty, because this will cause excessive abrasive action on the glass and dull the area around the scratch. This paste should be rubbed gently onto the cool stove top and then wiped clean with a soft cloth. The area may need to be dried with a second dry cloth.

Metal polish cream is readily available in the cleaning aisle at most stores. It is a slightly abrasive solution used on jewelry and other metal products. The cream is applied to the cook top with a soft cloth or a cotton ball using circular rubbing motions. The solution is then wiped away with a damp rag. This may be repeated or done using a scouring pad for deeper scratches. Excessive scrubbing is not recommended, as this will result in a dull spot in the glass around the scratch.