How Do You Repair Scratched Leather?


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Scratched leather can be repaired using a blow dryer, leather oil, shoe polish or a leather restoration kit. Repair deep scratches that have caused the leather to flap open by coloring in the light colored leather underside with a leather touch-up pen, and then sealing the rip with crafts glue.

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Use a blow drier to repair minor scratches in leather. Turn the blow dryer on to a low heat setting and run it over the scratch. Rub the mark as the blow dryer heats up the leather. This causes the leather's dye to fill the scratch.

Leather oil and shoe polish can also be used to buff away unsightly scratches in leather by pushing the leather's dye into the scratch and hiding it. However, very deep scratches may require the use of a leather restoration kit to repair them. Leather restoration kits usually contain a leather binder product, a leather repair kit and a leather colorant kit.

Apply the leather binder to the damaged area with a sponge. Use at least eight to 10 coats for best results. Sand the binder smooth once it has dried using fine-grained sandpaper. Next, spread the heavy filler product over the damaged area and let it dry for 20 to 25 minutes. Sand the area smooth once again. Finally, apply the colorant and the finish to the area to completely repair the leather.

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