How Do You Repair a Running Toilet?

To repair a running toilet, check and unblock the valve that lets water into the bowl, and lower the float to keep the water level below the overflow pipe. If needed, shut the water supply to the tank, empty the tank and replace the damaged parts.

  1. Examine and fix the valve

    Remove the tank cover and flush the toilet to see if the valve that pours into the toilet bowl works. If the flapper or ball covers the valve, untangle the chain that pulls the valve open in case it is entangled or replace the damaged flapper or ball.

  2. Adjust the float position if needed

    If the water still runs, bend the ball arm downward to lower the float so the water level in the tank comes below the overflow pipe to prevent water from running into the toilet bowl. Once the float is lowered, test the level of water by flushing the toilet and adjust the float as needed until the water in the tank assumes the right level.

  3. Replace the damaged parts

    If needed, shut the water supply to the toilet, flush the toilet to empty the tank and then replace the damaged parts with similar parts. Finally, turn on the water supply and refill the tank.