How Do You Repair a Rototiller?


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If a rototiller does not start, troubleshoot and possibly fix it by replacing the fuel, as it may have become stale. If the fuel is new, a blockage of the carburetor is a possibility. Place a small amount of carb cleaner into the rototiller intake and try to start the engine. If it sputters or runs for only a short time, there is an issue with the fuel, and using a rebuild kit is necessary to get it running.

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If the rototiller runs but does not move, fixing the belt may help, as it may have wear or lack the right tension. Check that the idler pulley is working, and ensure that it is putting enough pressure on the belt. If the belt shows wear or stretching, replace the belt and check the tension.

If the rototiller wheels turn but the tines do not, the pin that holds the tines in place, the clevis pin, may be missing or broken. Replace the pin to fix this, but do not add a bolt.

If the rototiller does not work as well as it used to, it may be due to the tines, the soil or the drive belt. If the tines are dull, bent or worn away, they can be replaced in a few minutes. If the drive belt slips, replace the belt. If the soil is the issue, make several shallow passes over the soil instead of deep ones.

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