How Do You Repair a Roper Refrigerator Using Spare Parts?

How Do You Repair a Roper Refrigerator Using Spare Parts?

The first step in repairing Roper refrigerators with spare parts is identifying the root of the problem; common problems include dirty condenser coils, damaged evaporator fan motors and faulty thermostats. Components that continue to malfunction after thorough cleaning may be purchased through a local refrigerator repair company or the manufacturer.

Units that are noisy during operation should be examined to see whether the evaporator fan motor or condenser fan motor is defective. Defective parts should be replaced, if necessary. Should the noise continue, an examination of the fan blade determines if it has broken or is rubbing against the fan housing; broken fan blades must be replaced, or tightened if loose.

Refrigerators that abnormally freeze food may be the result of a defective temperature control thermostat. If the thermostat fails to click when rotated from 'stop to stop,' it must be tested for continuity using an ohmmeter and replaced, if faulty. When the problem persists, the air damper must be examined and replaced if it is not functioning.

In Roper refrigerators that do not cool, the condenser coils might be dirty and must be cleaned. If the issue continues, consumers are advised to inspect the start capacitor using a capacitance meter and replace it, if necessary.

When such repair methods do not remedy the problem, a Roper professional should be contacted for assistance.