How Do You Repair a Refrigerator's Ice Maker?

How Do You Repair a Refrigerator's Ice Maker?

If a refrigerator's ice maker is not making ice, check the bail wire on the top of the ice drawer to verify that it hasn't become stuck, as this shuts off the ice. Repair methods for an ice maker vary based on the issue and the refrigerator model.

Other possible causes of an ice maker that does not make ice include a blockage in the water line or the water supply line, a bad tap valve or an issue with the solenoid. Clear any blockages in the water line or kinks in the water supply line to solve the issue. Replace a bad tap valve. Clean the sediment screen on the solenoid with water, and replace the solenoid if that does not work.

The ice maker may not be working due to an old water filter that is restricting the water flow. Replace the water filter if this is the problem.

If an ice maker keeps making ice after it is full, shut it off, remove it from the refrigerator and clean it. If the issue continues, a repair technician may be necessary. It is often cheaper to replace the ice maker in these situations.

If the ice maker has frozen, disconnect the refrigerator's power cord and remove the ice bin. Melt any ice in the fill tube with hot water or a hair dryer.