How Do Your Repair a PVC Pipe Leak?

How Do Your Repair a PVC Pipe Leak?

Fixing a leaky PVC pipe is quite simple and involves searching for the source of the leak and using rubber sleeves and fiberglass tape to seal off the leak. Leaks can run up utility bills and cause physical damage to the surrounding structures; fixing the leak as soon as possible will help keep the damage minimal and avoid costly repairs.

The following steps show one method fixing a leaky PVC pipe.

  1. Mark the leaking spots
  2. Search thoroughly for signs of leaks. Mark the areas where the leaks are spotted.

  3. Turn off the water supply
  4. After marking the area or areas where the leaks are, turn off the main water supply line.

  5. Relieve the water pressure
  6. Turn on the taps to relieve the remaining water pressure in the pipes. Make sure to completely drain the remaining water in the pipes.

  7. Seal the pipes
  8. Neoprene couplers, which look like rubber sleeves, can be used to seal off a leaky pipe. Often used as a device to secure two pipe joints, the rubber sleeves are held in place either by a C-clamp or a stainless steel hose clamp. If these devices are available, use them on the leaking area on the pipe.

  9. Use fiberglass tape
  10. Alternatively, a fiberglass tape may also be used to seal a leaky portion of the pipe. However, make sure that the pipe is dry when taping up the section and allow for the tape to settle into the pipe for 10 minutes before turning on the water supply again.