How Do You Repair a Propane Fireplace?

How Do You Repair a Propane Fireplace?

To repair a propane fireplace, check and replace a bad igniter, refill the propane tank, replace any worn out batteries, adjust the damper and unclog the gas lines. The repair procedure varies depending on the problem. Turn off gas supply to the fireplace before attempting any of the repairs.

Replacing the igniter, which is the button that flips on the fireplace's pilot light, is necessary when the pilot light fails to ignite. Before the replacing it, check the igniter by switching on the gas and pressing the button. Observe the igniter for flame or spark, and replace the igniter with a new one if it fails to produce a spark or flame.

To refill the propane tank, first examine the tank's fill valve to determine the level of propane in the tank, and refill the tank as needed. If the fireplace fails to start after the refill, check and replace old batteries.

Damper adjustment is necessary when the fireplace fails to run smoothly. To adjust the damper, move the damper as needed to regulate the quantity of air that enters the fireplace.

When the fireplace starts normally but goes off after a short while, especially after propane refill, unclog the gas lines by disconnecting them and removing the air trapped inside. Then replace the lines as they were before.