How Do You Repair a Poulan Leaf Blower?


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To repair a Poulan leaf blower, refer to the user's manual, which contains a Troubleshooting Guide. Repair instructions vary by model; for example, repair tips in Poulan user manuals are offered for issues such as trouble starting an engine along with idling, acceleration and smoking engine problems.

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For example, in the manual for the Poulan blower, model: 115350727, remedies for an engine that doesn't start include filling the tank with the required fuel mixture amount, installing new spark plugs, checking for a dirty fuel filter, and checking for damage to the fuel line or replacing it outright. Remedies for an engine that excessively smokes include adjusting the choke, emptying the fuel tank and refilling it with the required fuel mixture, or cleaning or replacing the air filter.

To find a manual specific to your Poulan leaf blower, visit ManualsOnline.com, and select Lawn & Garden from the Categories list. Search the model number and brand using the search bar at the top of the page, and select the matching manual result link. Browse the manual through your Internet browser, or open the manual as a PDF document by selecting the Open As PDF link below the manual platform. The troubleshooting guide is typically located towards the end of the manual.

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