How Do You Repair a Popcorn Ceiling?

How Do You Repair a Popcorn Ceiling?

To repair a popcorn ceiling, lay newspaper on the ground, set up a ladder, clear away excess paint and popcorn, paint the primer and spray the texture. You need a paint brush, sandpaper, paint, rollers, painter's tape, safety goggles and a hat to complete this project.

  1. Prep the area

    Ensure that the popcorn does not contain asbestos by testing it. Have a licensed professional remove the popcorn if the test comes back positive. If there is no asbestos in the popcorn, lay old newspapers on the ground, and set up the ladder. Wear a hat and sunglasses while removing the popcorn. Use a scraper to remove the damaged sections of the ceiling, and clear away leftover debris. Sand any leftover material or paint.

  2. Apply the primer

    Stir the primer, and use a paint brush to apply it to the ceiling. Make sure that the edges are touched as well.

  3. Spray on the texture

    After the primer dries, shake the can of spray-on texture for a minute. Begin spraying, but keep the nozzle 12 inches away from the ceiling. Keep spraying thin coats if you desire a heavy texture. Allow 24 hours for the spray-on texture to dry.

  4. Paint the area

    Paint the area with a sprayer or roller. Test the paint on another surface before applying to make sure that the color matches the ceiling. Allow the paint to dry.