How Do You Repair Plastic?


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Although plastic is notoriously difficult to glue, certain types of glue are capable of repairing broken plastic pieces. Tape can work as well for simple repairs.

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How Do You Repair Plastic?
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Users can often reconnect two pieces of plastic using hot glue or a strong epoxy, although it's important to exercise caution when using epoxy due to its strength. Superglue is potentially dangerous to use with plastics since common superglue ingredients can cause melting, producing potentially toxic vapors and damaging the plastic further.

For pipes and other large pieces of plastic, tape is sometimes a better option. Scotch or masking tape works in some situations, but duct tape creates a stronger seal and provides some protection against water. Tape lacks the structural integrity of plastic, and its adhesive can wear away over time.

Unlike aluminum and other metals, experts often replace large plastic parts instead of repairing them, particularly for parts used in transportation. While professionals use epoxies and other durable substances, owners can often perform the work themselves. For example, there are a number of products available that can fill holes on a plastic bumper after the area has been cleaned, and owners can simply paint over the repaired section. Users need to use caution when using these substances on parts that provide structural support.

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