How Do You Repair a Pinhole Leak on a Copper Pipe?

To repair a pinhole leak on a copper pipe, first turn off the water, drain the pipes, cut out the affected area and solder on a new pipe coupling. Using a coupler is acceptable for pinhole leaks where less than 1/2-inch of pipe needs to be removed.

Follow specific steps in order to repair a leak on a copper pipe.

  1. Turn off the water
  2. Turn off the main water supply and ensure the pipes are fully drained before beginning repairs. The pipes need to be completely dry before soldering, so put dry rags into each side of the pipe while performing the prep work, and make sure to remove them before attaching the new pipe or coupler.
  3. Cut out the damaged area
  4. Use a pipe cutter to remove the damaged section of pipe. Grip the pipe with the cutter and tighten the cutter's screw. Rotate the clamp until the pipe snaps. Repeat on the other side of the pinhole.
  5. Clean the pipe
  6. Use a wire fitting brush to clean corrosion from the pipe's interior. Then clean the outside surfaces with emery paper or sandpaper. Apply flux onto the cleaned surfaces.
  7. Attach the sleeve or coupling
  8. Slide the sleeve onto one side, then slide back over the other side.
  9. Solder the joints
  10. Apply soldering wire and attach with a torch flame. Pull the wire away once the joints are completely sealed.