How Do You Repair Patio Chairs?

How Do You Repair Patio Chairs?

To repair patio chairs, begin by measuring the chairs and ordering replacement slings. Then cut the old sling to remove it before sliding the new sling on. Secure the new sling, and reattach the spreader bar before trimming the rods. Then attach new straps to the frame.

Cut the old sling by slashing it down the middle, using a utility knife. Remove the end cap on each slide rail. Remove the old sling by sliding the two halves of the sling out of their tracks in the chair’s rails. Loosen the bolts that connect the rails to the chair frame, and pop out the spreader bar. Then retouch or repaint the frame.

To slide the new sling on, remove one rail, and hold the new sling’s hem side to the back. Then slide its nylon rod into the track of the rail that is still attached to the chair frame. Secure the new sling by sliding the detached rail over the sling’s other nylon rod. Bolt the rail back on the frame, and tighten the loose bolts.

Reattach the spreader bar, and use a pipe clamp to spread the rails slightly. Trim the rods, using a wire cutter, and push the end caps back on the rails.

To replace straps, begin by soaking the straps in hot water to make them flexible. Push a peg through the hole on the strap and into the hole on the frame’s back.