How Do You Repair a Mr. Coffee Coffee Machine?


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A repair for a Mr. Coffee appliance depends on why it is not working correctly. If the coffee is not hot enough, for instance, the owner should check the thermostat and the heating element.

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To repair a Mr Coffee coffee maker with a broken thermostat, it is important to ensure it is unplugged. All of the excess water should be removed from the reservoir, and the base should be removed from the bottom. The unit may need to be turned over, and a special head screwdriver may be required, depending on the model. In order to test the thermostat, it is recommended to use a multitester or continuity tester. If there is no response, the thermostat needs to be replaced.

It's also possible that the heating element could cause the coffee maker to produce cold coffee. Getting to the heating element is done through the bottom of the appliance, just as one would access the thermostat. The coffee maker should be completely emptied and unplugged before the base is removed. The heating element should be tested with a multitester, then disconnected and tested again with a continuity tester. If there is no electricity getting through, the heating element needs to be replaced.

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