How Do You Repair a Mobile Home Roof?


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To repair a standard metal mobile home roof, clean the area, apply a patch of galvanized metal, and secure the metal with screws and caulk. Once the patch is in place, cover it with two layers of roof coating.

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  1. Gather the supplies

    To repair a small area, you need galvanized sheet metal, butyl tape, caulk, roof coating and sheet metal screws.

  2. Prepare the area

    Clean the area around the repair, and use a flexible putty knife to remove any loose roof coating. Once clean, apply 1- to 2-inch-wide strips of butyl tape around the hole.

  3. Add a patch

    Cut a piece of sheet metal that is a few inches larger than the hole. In the patch and roof, pre-drill the holes for the sheet metal screws. Avoiding the trusses, screw the patch onto the roof. For larger repairs, consider replacing the whole roof or overlaying a section of sheet metal the width of the roof.

  4. Seal the patch

    With caulk, seal the edges of the patch and the screws. Once the caulk is dry, apply the roof coating. If you have small seam or crack repairs, apply a glass-membrane roof patch, instead of a metal one, while the coating is still wet. Add a second layer of roof coating after the first one dries.

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