How Do You Repair a Microwave Turntable?


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If your microwave's turntable is not turning properly, the repair is likely very simple. Often a buildup of spilled food around the spindle prevents a turntable from working correctly. Clean the buildup to allow it to spin again.

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How Do You Repair a Microwave Turntable?
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  1. Work safely

    Before attempting any repairs, be sure to disconnect the power cord from the outlet.

  2. Clean the turntable

    Most microwaves have a removable glass turntable that lifts off the spindle. A triangular shaped support with small wheels supports the table while allowing it to turn. Lift the glass out of the microwave and remove the support. Wash both in warm dishwater, rinse and allow them to dry. Make sure all the support wheels turn freely.

  3. Clean the inside of the microwave

    Remove any food remains from inside the oven, using a dilute vinegar solution. Be sure to clean the floor of the microwave that is normally under the turntable. These bits of food can cause a sticky turntable.

  4. Examine the spindle

    The spindle fits inside bumps on the bottom of the glass turntable. If it's broken, it can no longer turn the glass correctly. To repair the turntable, have the spindle replaced.

  5. Reassemble your microwave

    Put the support back in the bottom of the microwave. Place the turntable on top of the spindle, turning it to align with the spindle. Test your work by placing a mug of water in the microwave and pressing the start button. If the turntable still doesn't turn, call an appliance repair technician.

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