How do you repair a microwave oven light?


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If the microwave oven light is not working, removing the cover plate to replace the light bulb is the most common fix, but other cases may require repair of the light socket or main control board. If the problem lies within the microwave, it should be handled by a professional.

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How do you repair a microwave oven light?
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Unplug the microwave, and unscrew the cover plate on the appliance's interior wall to reach the light bulb. The location of the cover plate varies depending on the model. If no cover plate is visible, the cover on the back of the appliance may need to be removed. Remove the bulb by turning it one-fourth turn to the left before pulling it straight outwards. Similar to vehicle light bulbs, the bulb should have two prongs that hold it in place. Put an identical light bulb in the socket, and turn it one-fourth turn to the right to secure it. Screw the cover plate back on the microwave, and plug it in to test the new light.

Non-professionals should never attempt a repair on the inside of a microwave. Even when the appliance is unplugged, the capacitor stores energy that can deliver a large shock if accidentally touched. Call a qualified repair person if replacing the light bulb does not fix the problem.

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