How Do You Repair a Maytag Washer That Is Not Agitating?

To repair a Maytag washer that is not agitating, one must diagnose which part of the machine is causing the problem and repair or replace the offending part. Common parts that cause a washer not to agitate include the agitator, the drive belt, the transmission and the drive motor.

The most common reason a Maytag washer does not agitate is a broken agitator. Depending on the model of washer, the agitator is either a single unit or a dual-action piece with two parts. If the single piece or bottom of the dual piece agitator does not oscillate during a wash cycle, it is likely broken and needs to be replaced.

Another common reason a Maytag washer does not agitate is a faulty drive belt. The drive belt can be found inside the front panel of most Maytag washers. If the belt is worn out or broken, it may require replacing. The transmission may be the cause of the problem if the input shaft is turning but the agitator is not. If this is the case, a replacement transmission is required. The drive motor sometimes operates in the spin direction but not the agitating direction. If this happens, a replacement may be required.