How Do You Repair a Maytag Electric Dryer That Isn't Heating?


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The initial step in repairing a Maytag electric dryer that is not heating is determining the cause of the problem, and then replacing or cleaning the affected component. Common problems with electric dryers include blown thermal fuses, burn out igniters and damaged heating elements.

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First, consumers should check to make sure that the dryer is turned on and plugged into a working electrical outlet. The blower wheel and venting should then be examined to see if they are blocked or clogged, and cleaned or replaced as needed. Additionally, the thermal fuse must be inspected to see whether it has blown off. It should be tested for continuity using an ohmmeter and replaced, if faulty.

If the problem continues, the gas valve solenoid must be inspected. The gas valve has two or more electrical solenoids that open to the valve to allow gas to flow into the burner assembly. If a Maytag electric dryer is not heating, one or more electrical solenoids might be damaged. If the igniter glows for about three minutes but the burner flame does not light, the coils must be replaced as a set.

Consumers are also advised to check the heating element and flame sensor for continuity, and replace any defective parts. If these repair methods do not fix the problem, a Maytag professional should be contacted for assistance.

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