How Do You Repair a Magic Chef Wall Oven?


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Repairs for a Magic Chef wall oven include replacing the ignition system, replacing the light bulb, lighting the pilot in a gas model, resetting the circuit breaker for electric models, and cleaning out burner ports in gas models. Homeowners may need to call a repair technician for more advanced issues.

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Follow all proper safety precautions before beginning repairs on electric or gas Magic Chefs, according to manufacturer's instructions. Ensure that the Magic Chef wall oven's circuit breaker has not been tripped, and confirm that it is plugged securely into the electrical outlet if it is an electric model. If the oven's ignition does not turn on immediately when it is switched on, the ignition system may need to be replaced, as these parts often require frequent replacement. In gas models, a blown-out pilot light can also cause the burner to fail. Clean out the supply pipe or burner ports with a toothpick, and relight the pilot.

If the oven light does not function, tighten the light bulb when the oven is cooled completely, and replace it if it appears to be burned out. If an electric model is not heating properly, check the heating element for foreign objects such as aluminum foil that may be blocking the heat. If excessive smoke emanates from the oven when broiling, try cleaning the broiler pan or moving it to a lower rack.

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