How Do You Repair a Magic Chef Oven?


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The exact steps to repair your Magic Chef oven depend on whether the oven is gas or electric, according to Appliancerepair.net. When repairing an electric oven, it's important to work with the electricity turned off to avoid electrocution.

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Problems with an electric oven fall into three categories: one element not heating, no power to the oven and component problems. When a burned or bad element won't heat, it must be replaced. If the oven is receiving no power, the outlet must be tested to determine if the problem is in the house wiring or the oven. In the latter case, a fuse or switch may need to be replaced. A component problem requires a replacement part or repair of damaged wires, explains Appliancerepair.net.

Gas ovens have fewer moving parts than electric ovens and therefore fewer occurrences of wear-and-tear problems. The troubleshooting procedure depends on what kind of system the pilot light sensor uses to open the safety valve (capillary or millivolt), and whether the burner ignites with a spark or glow-bar. In any case, if the oven burner won't ignite, the first step is to check the automatic bake cycle controls, according to Appliancerepair.net. From there, defective components may need to be replaced.

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