How Do You Repair a Leaking Door on a GE Dishwasher?

To repair a leaking door on a GE dishwasher, owners must identify the source of the leak, eliminate possible causes of the leak, check if the door requires adjustment, and replace the door gasket, if necessary. If the leaking continues after these steps, professional assistance may be required.

A common cause of a leaking door is poor sealing, and checking the seal while the appliance is in operation can help pinpoint the source. If moisture is found, the next stage is to eliminate possible causes of the leak. This is done by cleaning the float switch and door gasket and ensure the detergent in use is not producing too much foam.

If the leaking continues, the door of the dishwasher may require adjustment. If it is possible to jiggle the door when it is closed, owners can adjust the latch plate in small increments until the door is snug. The door should not be too tight, as this can also cause damage or leaking. Should the leaking persist, another possible solution is to replace the door gasket. Owners can purchase a new door gasket that is compatible with the model of dishwasher experiencing the problem and follow the installation instructions. If these steps fail, professional help is necessary.