How Do You Repair a Leak in a Maytag Washer?


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There is no simple way to repair a Maytag washer, due to the various locations the washer can be leaking. Some leaks can be easily repaired, while others require the hosting area of the leak to be replaced.

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Two common places for leaks in Maytag washers are within the fill injector and the drain hose valve. The fill injector can get clogged with calcium or other deposits, causing it to back up and leak. The injector is a white, plastic piece located beneath the cabinet that can simply be screwed off and easily replaced. If the leak is coming from inside the right rear of the machine, it may be coming from the drain hose anti-siphon valve. This piece is located in the drain line where it penetrates the rear of the cabinet. Like the fill-injector, it can be screwed off and replaced, not repaired.

The tub seal is also a place where a leak can take place. A tub seal leak requires a tub stem and seal kit to replace the tub seal. This kit can be purchased from the Maytag appliance parts dealer. If a tub hose or fittings leak, there are soft tub washers that can seal the tub braces. The basket must be removed, and any damaged lead washers have to be replaced. Once the basket is removed, the agitator must be removed by loosening the screws. If the plastic splines look stripped, the agitator must be replaced.

Any other leaks that are unknown, or can not be repaired alone, should be looked at by a professional. A replacement washer may be needed if the damage is too great.

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