How Do You Repair a Lawn Sprinkler Valve?


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Repairing a lawn sprinkler valve is a moderately easy project that costs about $20 per valve, notes FamilyHandyman.com. Each replacement valve takes around 30 minutes to repair, which requires disassembling the valve head or bonnet, cleaning the valve box and replacing the diaphragm and solenoid.

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How Do You Repair a Lawn Sprinkler Valve?
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In order to repair a lawn sprinkler valve, follow the steps below.

  1. Gather the materials and tools needed
  2. A new valve diaphragm and solenoid is required for each sprinkler head that needs to be replaced. A Phillips screwdriver, waterproof wire connectors and dry rags are recommended to complete the project.

  3. Replace the diaphragm and solenoid
  4. Shut off the water supply to the sprinkler system, open the valve box lid and clean out any mud or debris. Pack the box with dry rags. Twist and remove the solenoid and wait for any excess water to drain out. Unscrew the valve bonnet and remove the spring and diaphragm gasket; replace the diaphragm gasket and spring and screw down the bonnet. Replace the solenoid, making the wire connections with waterproof wire connectors.

  5. Check for leaks
  6. Reconnect the water supply and remove the rags from the valve box. Large stones in the valve box help keep sediment from entering the valve. Check the system for leaks and make any further adjustments.

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