How Do You Repair a Landscape Lighting System?


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To repair a landscape lighting system, check for any damage or loosely connected wires. Check if the fuses, breakers and bulbs are blown out, test the functioning of the photocell, and replace these parts if necessary. Also, check the location of the fixture and reset the controller, if required.

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To repair landscape lighting, look for any wires that are exposed, cut or pinched, particularly near the bulbs. If so, call in a professional to replace the wiring. If there are any loose connections, switch off the power source and then tighten the connection. If there is corrosion on the wire nuts, replace them. If the bare wires are corroded, clean the ends of the wires and reconnect.

Also, check if the housing of the fixture is damaged or the bulbs are burnt out. If so, replace the parts with good quality ones. If the lights flicker or dim, check the breakers and fuses for an electrical short. In case of dimming of low-voltage landscape lights, remove any additional circuits from the transformer. If the low-voltage lighting does not start correctly, reset the controller to the required time.

In case of solar powered landscape lighting, change its position, and check the connection to the battery. Also, reposition the rechargeable batteries if they are dislodged. If the sensor does not activate even after repositioning, consider replacing the sensor. If the lighting interval is erratic or the lights do not come on, replace the photocell.

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