How Do You Repair Kitchen Sink Faucets?


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To repair a kitchen sink faucet, turn off the water, then remove the handle, bonnet, ball and cam assembly, and springs, making sure to clean any sediment as you go. Remove the O-rings and diverter, remove any buildup, then replace them, and reassemble the faucet. Turn it on to make sure it is functioning properly again.

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How Do You Repair Kitchen Sink Faucets?
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Use the valves under the sink to turn the water off. Block the drain, and turn on the faucet to drain the excess water. Remove the handle with an Allen wrench. Keep all parts in order and in a secure location to make reassembly easy.

Wrap masking tape around the teeth of a pair of slip-joint pliers to prevent damage to the chrome bonnet, then remove it and the ball and cam assembly. Use a pair of needle-nose pliers to pull the spring and packing pieces out of the inside of the faucet. Remove any debris or clogs.

Firmly grasp the spout and loosen it by moving it back and forth. Once the spout has come loose, remove it completely. Remove the O-rings with a wrench then remove the diverter with needle-nose pliers. Thoroughly clean the faucet face, and remove any debris.

Cover new O-rings with packing grease and replace the O-rings. Replace the old diverter with a new one. Reattach the parts in the reverse order they were removed.

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