How Do You Repair a Kenmore Dryer Baffle?

Dryer baffles are the paddles inside the drum that lift the clothing. Damaged baffles snag clothes, and loose ones make the machine noisy to operate. Dryer baffles loosen with time, allowing coins to slip inside and cause noise as the drum turns. Repair or replace a baffle in under an hour with a few simple hand tools.

  1. Unplug the dryer

    Dryers operate at 220 to 240 volts. Always disconnect from the power supply before opening the cabinet.

  2. Lift the top

    Move the dryer away from the wall to provide room to lift the top. Slide a putty knife in the gap between the top and front panels of the dryer to release the retaining clips. Avoid use of a screwdriver that might scratch the finish.

  3. Rotate the drum

    Open the dryer door and turn the drum to situate the damaged baffle at the top of the rotation.

  4. Replace the baffle

    Use a nut-driver to loosen the screws and remove the problem part. Remove any coins or other items that have worked their way between the drum and the baffle. If there is damage to the existing baffle, replace it. Tighten the nuts to hold it in place.

  5. Reassemble the dryer

    Return the top of the dryer to its normal position. Press on the top to lock it into place.