How Do You Repair Kawneer Doors?


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Kawneer doors are repaired by initially adjusting the door’s closer latch and sweep. Adjust the door sweep by moving the main screw in the closer to bring down the speed during closing. Consequently, adjust the door latch by opening the door from minimum to maximum in one rotation. The door’s largest opening angle is changed by checking the opposite opening of the door.

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If the door poses a clearance issue, lift the door to ensure it is within the frame. This reduces the clearance, ensuring that the space between the door frame and the door remains within functional limits. The leap of the door can also be shimmed to fix operational issues, explains Kawneersphere.

Another failure of Kawneer doors is caused by malfunctioning components and parts of the door operation system. One of these units could be the adjustment rod. This rod ensures that the door opens and maintains the correct angles on both sides when opening and closing. If the rods are too short, a breakdown occurs. To correct this malfunction, jerk the rods, adjust the rods to suitable measurements and insert them back into the door. Kawneer Company provides the proper measurements for adjusting these rods, explains Kawneersphere.

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