How Do You Repair Intex Inflatable Swimming Pools?

Use a latex swimming pool patch to repair holes in an Intex inflatable pool. Very large rips or tears are not reparable.

  1. Purchase a Swimming Pool Patch Kit

    Visit your favorite store or the Internet to purchase a swimming pool patch kit. Intex sells several kits for their swimming pools. "The Wet Set" and the H20 repair kit are both options. The Wet Set includes six vinyl patches with paper backing and adhesive for easy repair. Patches are available in small, medium and large sizes varying from 1.5 inches to 6 inches depending on the kit.

  2. Empty and Dry the Swimming Pool

    It is important to completely empty and dry the swimming pool before applying a swimming pool patch. If necessary, pat the vinyl dry with a towel before applying the patches.

  3. Apply the Swimming Pool Patch

    Follow the instructions on the box to repair the swimming pool. For the Intex Wet Set patches, remove the paper backing and press the glue side of the patch firmly against the side of the swimming pool. Make sure that the patch is flat against the pool and not likely to peel up. Allow the patch to dry completely before filling the pool with water.