How Do You Repair an Icemaker That Is Leaking Water?


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To repair a leaky icemaker, first identify the cause of the leak, and then take the appropriate action such as leveling of the refrigerator and the icemaker unit. Other fixes may include properly aligning the fill cup or replacing the damaged water line, inlet valve and inlet switch.

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How Do You Repair an Icemaker That Is Leaking Water?
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Some causes of a water leak in an icemaker are improper leveling of the refrigerator or the icemaker unit, damaged water line and inlet valve, improper alignment of the fill cup and corrosion of the inlet switch. If refrigerator leveling is the problem, use a spirit level to raise or lower the leveling feet of the unit so that it is completely leveled. The icemaker unit can also be leveled with a spirit level. Loosen the mounting screws and adjust the alignment to ensure accurate leveling.

Also, align the fill cup properly into the ice molds. If there is ice formation on the fill cup, check the inlet valve. If it is damaged, replace and test the new one. Inspect the inlet switch for signs of damage and replace if the switch terminals are corroded.

Finally, check if the water supply line is pinched or kinked. If so, replace it with a new one. If the water supply line looks fine, clean any mineral deposits in it.

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