How Do You Repair a House Door?

How Do You Repair a House Door?

Simple door repairs are easy and require little time. Repairs that involve cutting and sanding the door require more time and effort. Replace the door if it is damaged or warped. Make a door more secure by changing the lock and handle. Trim and paint change the appearance of a door. Make a door more energy efficient by applying weather stripping.

Discovering door problems involves a simple inspection. If the door rattles or can't close all the way, adjust the stop molding. Remove the molding and the nails. Close the door, and reposition the stop molding, putting cardboard shims between the stop and the door. Drive new nails, and repaint if necessary.

A door also rattles when the strike plate has recessed. Unscrew the plate, and cut cardboard shims to fit in the mortise. Reposition the strike plate using as many shims as necessary to level the plate with the door jamb.

If the latch bolt doesn't align with the hole in the strike plate, reposition the plate. Cut a new mortise with a chisel, and carve a new plate hole. Use wood putty to fill the old mortise. Sand and paint as needed.

You can fix squeaky hinges with lubricant. If there's rust on the hinges, use penetration lubricant on the rusted parts, and apply powdered graphite or silicone lubricant on the hinges.