How Do You Repair a Honda Lawnmower Pull Cord?

When the pull cord on a Honda lawnmower breaks, the owner should remove the older frayed cord and replace it with a new one, according to SFGate. The starter assembly attaches to the rest of the lawnmower motor with three bolts, which the owner unscrews to remove the starter.

Once the bolts are out, the owner lifts the assembly and turns it upside-down. Needle-nose pliers allow the owner to grasp the knot of the old cord and remove the cord from its assembly.

Before winding a new cord on the mower, the owner should wind the pulley six to seven rotations to provide tension for the spring. A screwdriver inserted between the pulley and the louvers of the housing prevents the pulley from unwinding.

The new cord should be about 5 feet in length and the same diameter as the one removed. The cord inserts through the holes in the housing and pulley, and the owner uses needle-nose pliers to direct the cord. A single knot tucked inside the pulley hub holds the rope in place.

Upon removal of the screwdriver, the spring causes the pulley to recoil, pulling the cord onto the pulley. The owner should stop the recoil when approximately 3 feet of the cord remains unwound and tie a temporary knot to prevent further winding of the cord. The owner should then reattach the starter to the mower, thread the cord through the eyes and attach the handle to complete the job.