How Do You Repair a Hole in the Wall?


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Repair a hole in a wall by selecting a patch of drywall, cutting the hole to fit the patch, installing wood backing, attaching the patch and finishing the wall. You need drywall, a pencil, a utility knife, wood backing, sandpaper, a drywall saw, drywall mud and a piece of plastic window screen.

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  1. Select the patch

    Cut a square patch of drywall. Make sure the drywall is larger than the hole, but of a similar thickness.

  2. Cut the hole

    Place the patch over the hole, and draw a pencil line around the patch. Using a drywall saw, cut the hole to fit the patch.

  3. Insert wood backing

    Cut a piece of wood 6 inches wider than the hole, but narrow enough to fit inside it. Apply construction adhesive to the board, and insert the board into the hole. Use drywall screws to hold the board in place.

  4. Install the patch

    Apply construction adhesive to the back of the drywall patch. Attach the patch to the wood backing using drywall screws.

  5. Finish the patch

    Use drywall mud to fill the seams around the patch. Place a piece of plastic window screen over the patch, and cover the entire patch with mud. Work from the center of the patch to ensure the screen remains straight. Once the mud dries, apply a second coat. Allow the final coat to dry, and sand the wall to a smooth texture. Remove the dust, and then paint the drywall.

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