How Do You Repair a Hobart Mixer?


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Repairs for a Hobart mixer may include adjusting the latches, removing the buildup from the spindle or housing and resetting the circuit breaker. Repairs vary depending on the type of mixer, so refer to the owner's manual for exact troubleshooting steps.

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If the bowl does not fit onto the mixer as it should, examine the knob and tabs on the back of the bowl that make up the latching mechanism. If they are bent out of shape, use a needle-nose pliers to adjust them to the correct position. Examine the inside of the spindle housing to check for grease and flour buildup if the dough hook is failing to attach properly. Use a plastic scrub pad and a grease-fighting solution to clean the affected parts before trying to attach the hook again.

A Hobart mixer that does not turn on may have a problem with the electrical system. Try unplugging the power cord and plugging it back in again, and check to see if the circuit breaker has been tripped. If these methods do not resolve the Hobart mixer's problem, contact the Hobart technical support to schedule an appointment with a technician. Users can prevent most future problems by thoroughly cleaning the machine after every use.

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