How Do You Repair a High Pressure Hose?

To repair a high pressure hose, turn it off, unplug it from any electrical outlets and remove any water inside the hose. Check for common problems such as leaks and punctures along the hose. The exact procedure for repair depends on the specific problem.

If the high pressure hose has a puncture or leaking problem, replace the affected area with a repair coupling. When repairing a leaking or punctured high pressure hose, cut each side of the leaking area with a pair of shears. Make sure the cut segment is level across and clean before introducing the repair couplings. On one end of the hose, insert the male repair coupling and crimp the ends of the coupling to make them flat against the hose. If there are any compression rings along the crimped ends, tighten them.

Place the female repair coupling on the other end of the hose opposite the male coupling and crimp both ends to make them flat. Fasten and secure the couplings with compression rings. Connect the male and female repair couplings together, then use a wrench to tighten them. Reconnect the high pressure hose to the pressure washer, turn it on, and observe how it works. The repaired area should be dry.