How Do You Repair a Heil Heat Pump?


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Homeowners can troubleshoot and repair a Heil heat pump by resetting the thermostat, flipping circuit breakers that have powered off, replacing dirty filters and cleaning and repairing damaged coils. Advanced problems such as control board and electrical problems may require a certified Heil technician to perform repairs.

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Troubleshooting minor issues with a Heil heat pump begins with inspecting the electrical elements of a heat pump. For example, if the heat pump connects to a power switch near the unit or inside the air handler cabinet, users can turn off the switch, turn it back on and wait to see if the air handler engages. Troubleshooting problems may also involve checking the electrical panel that powers the unit and inspecting the two circuit breakers that provide power to the heat pump condenser and the air handler. If the fuses are switched to off it is necessary to flip them back on to restore power to the heat pump unit.

If the thermostat is causing problems with a Heil heat pump, it may be necessary to reset the thermostat or check the unit for loose wires. In some cases, the thermostat may need to be replaced if it is not communicating with the heat pump unit. Homeowners can test the thermostat by setting the temperature settings five degrees above the current temperature in the home to see if the unit begins operating.

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