How do you repair gutters?


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To repair gutters, identify the problems, apply gutter sealant to leaky joints, prepare and patch holes, and fix areas of sag. Repairing gutters takes roughly one day and requires gutter sealant, a gutter patch kit, roofing cement, a wide putty knife, a wire brush, a ladder, a tall brace and gutter hangers.

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  1. Identify the problems

    Clean debris from the gutters, inspecting as you go along. Gutter problems include leaky joints, holes and sag.

  2. Apply gutter sealant

    The joints between the gutters sometimes start leaking. Find the holes causing the leak. Working from inside the gutter itself, apply the gutter sealant to close the holes. Allow the sealant to dry completely.

  3. Prepare larger holes for a patch

    Use the large putty knife to scrape away any debris or rust around the hole. Follow by brushing with a stiff-bristle wire brush.

  4. Patch the hole

    Apply a thin coat of roofing cement around the hole. Place the metal-repair patch so that it completely covers the hole. Press the patch down to seal. The patch should match the original gutter material.

  5. Find the sag

    Gutters won't drain properly if there is a sag. Stand on a ladder, and look down the length of the gutter. If it is not straight, there is a sag.

  6. Straighten the sag

    Prop the area of sag with a brace tall enough to push it up. Re-mount the ladder, and remove the hangers near the sag. Keep adjusting the brace until the gutter is level. Install the new hangers, and hang the gutter.

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