How Do You Repair Goodman Furnace Parts?


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To repair Goodman furnace parts, first identify the actual problem, and then replace or clean the malfunctioning component. Common problems with Goodman furnaces include defective draft inducer motors, faulty pressure switches and power supply issues.

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If a Goodman furnace is noisy during operation, the draft inducer motor might be defective. The draft inducer motor has bearings that can fail and make a furnace noisy during motor operations. If the draft inducer motor bearings are worn out, the motor should be replaced accordingly. Check whether the blower wheel on the fan motor has broken fins or its set screw has become loose. Replace a damaged blower wheel and tighten the set screw as needed.

If the furnace runs for a while and stops, the pressure switch might be faulty, and should be replaced if necessary. If the furnace does not heat, make sure that there is power to the furnace, and then inspect the rollout limit switch. The rollout limit switch monitors the heat surrounding the burner. Examine the wall thermostat, and if its contacts have failed, replace it. Contact a Goodman professional if these repair methods do not fix the problem. Goodman dealers in the United States and Canada can be found using the search feature on the official Goodman website.

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