How Do You Repair a GE XL44 Oven?

The potential repairs of a GE XL44 oven include replacing the interior light, turning on the pilot light, replacing burnt out fuses and adjusting the oven temperature knob. The exact repair measures depend on the specific problem.

Appliance owners can fix an oven light that is not working by first checking that the interior light bulb is screwed on tight. The bulb needs to be replaced with the same type of bulb if this does not work.

An oven that does not heat can be fixed by turning on the pilot light. Gas models do not operate unless the pilot light is lit. The electrical outlet should also be tested to ensure that it is providing power to the oven. If these measures do not work, appliance owners should inspect the fuses and replace that are blown. They should also reset the circuit breaker to fix the problem.

Adjusting the oven temperature knob is a potential fix for food coming out too hot or cold. This is done by slightly loosening the screws at the back of the temperature knob. The oven temperature is raised by turning the top screw clockwise, and it is lowered by turning it counter-clockwise. Each click indicates an adjustment of 10 degrees Fahrenheit. The temperature should be adjusted 10 degrees Fahrenheit at a time before using the oven to confirm accuracy and make any further necessary adjustments.