How Do You Repair a GE Washer That Doesn't Spin?

To repair a GE washer that doesn’t spin, confirm if the load is well balanced, and rearrange clothes if they are collected in one part of the tub. Finish the load by running the rinse-and-spin or drain-and-spin cycle.

Put more clothes to attain proper balance if washing a small number of items. If the load still fails to spin despite a properly balanced load, the next step is to check for any problem that hampers the water from draining the washing machine. Find out if the drain hose is connected correctly, and check for kinks or pinched sections.

Another possible cause of a washer that doesn’t enter the spin cycle is a clogged pump filter. With a flathead screwdriver, open the pump access door found beneath the washer’s front. Place a small pan below it as water may come out, and pull down the pour spout.

Take out the pump filter by turning it counterclockwise and pulling the filter gently to avoid excessive flow of water. Check for dirt or debris, clean the filter thoroughly or change the filter. Call a plumber or a service technician if the problem is related to a clogged household drain that obstructs the spin cycle from starting as some problems can only be resolved by an experienced and trained professional.