How Do You Repair a GE Profile Washer?


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Repairs for a GE Profile washer vary depending on the issue, but they include adjusting fill hoses, removing kinks from the drain hose, unclogging the pump filter and changing the spin speed. If these fixes do not solve the issue, schedule a visit from a GE repair technician.

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If the GE Profile washer is washing loads at incorrect temperatures, ensure that the hot and cold fill hoses are connected in the proper sequence, and go to the water supply to make sure that the hoses are turned on completely. Also check the hoses' filters for debris, and clean them if needed. If the washer is not draining or the machine is not spinning when the load is balanced, ensure that the drain hose does not exit at more than 6 feet above the floor, and remove any kinks.

If the washer does not enter the spin cycle, there may be debris clogging the pump filter. Remove the pump access door using a flat-head screwdriver, and place a dish under the access area to catch excess water. Remove the pump by turning it counter-clockwise, and clean out the filter before replacing the pump and the cover. If laundry is excessively wet when the cycle finishes, increase the spin speed to remove more moisture from the load.

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