How Do You Repair a GE Microwave Oven?


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To repair a GE microwave oven, reset the machine first, and replace the fuse if the soft or hard reset doesn’t work. Other troubleshooting procedures include checking for a tripped GFCI outlet, ensuring that the screws are tightened and checking for defective parts.

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Perform a soft reset by pushing Off/Clear for around 5 seconds. A memory issue can sometimes be resolved by doing a hard reset. Unplug the microwave from the power outlet, and plug it back after a minute. Reset the time clock afterward.

Change the microwave’s fuse if there’s excessive electrical current traveling through its metal wire. Take extra caution as the machine’s components may still produce electrical current after unplugging the microwave. Unfasten the grill’s screws, mark the wires connected to the fuse, and disconnect the wires. Remove the fuse from the case after unclipping the wires. Replace the fuse if there are burn marks, and reassemble the wires and cover.

A power or controller failure is likely the culprit of a nonfunctional microwave, unresponsive buttons, a blank display and a microwave that starts instantly when its door is closed. Do a hard reset first to troubleshoot the problem. Next, plug in another appliance to check if the wall outlet where the microwave is plugged is functioning. Check if the GFCI tripped the circuit, and press the Reset button if it did.

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