How Do You Repair a GE Electric Range?


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To repair a GE electric range, you must first determine the actual problem and then repair or replace the malfunctioning component. Common problems with GE electric ranges include power supply issues, defective bake elements and self-cleaning problems.

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If a GE electric range does not turn on, first check to make sure that the appliance is receiving proper voltage and there are no loose or burnt wire connections. Replace blown fuses and reset any tripped circuit breakers. Examine the bake element and the broiler element to see if they are burnt out and caused other parts to short out. Replace either of the parts, if burned out.

If the electric range does not bake evenly during convection baking, the convection element or the convection motor might be malfunctioning. The convection motor circulates air inside the oven, while the convection element heats the air circulating. Test these two parts for continuity and replace any faulty one. If the problem persists, inspect the oven temperature sensor and replace if necessary.

For a GE electric oven self-cleaning problem, first confirm that the oven door is closed securely and that door switch functions properly. Examine the door lock motor and switch assembly, and replace either of the parts if faulty. If none of these repair methods fix the problem, contact a licensed GE professional for assistance.

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