How to Repair a GE Dishwasher?


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To repair a GE dishwasher, users should first determine the problem. The first step in determining the issue with the dishwasher it to ensure that it is plugged in and receiving power.

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If users discover that the dishwasher is not getting power, they should check the wall socket and the back of the machine to ensure the cord is not loose. Another thing to check is the breaker that supplies power to the dishwasher. When a breaker has flipped, it is as simple as resetting it by moving it back into the on position. If neither of these issues causes the machine to power on, users should then check the door switch. Most dishwashers will not power on while the door is open. The door switch should click into place when it is shut.

According to the Appliance Repair website, if the dishwasher in question fails to fill up, this can be caused from a clogged water valve or a defective solenoid. To determine if this is the issue, users should clean out the strainer screen located in the bottom of the appliance. If this is not the case, the solenoid needs replacing and users can obtain the proper one from a GE manufacturer.

The most common complaint with dishwashers is a poor wash quality. This issue is most from cold water or a clog in the drain line. If the drain line is clear of all debris, but the water does not get hot, the heating element may have gone bad and will need replacing.

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