How Do You Repair a Gate Opener?


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Repair an automatic gate opener by determining if the issue is a mechanical problem or due to issues with the opener, controller or safety features. The electronics in gate openers sometimes require a hard restart like a computer. Unplug the transformer or turn off the circuit breaker, wait a minute, and restore the power. After the opener has time to reboot, test the gate again.

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With mechanical issues, such as a broken roller, the opener does not have enough power to overcome the issue. Replace the roller so the opener works again. Physical problems such as broken chains, seized hinges or physical obstructions also prevent the opener from working correctly.

Sometimes owners accidentally press the hold-open button on the controller, causing the gate to stop closing. Similarly, openers have a fire department bypass switch. If the department tests the opener but fails to turn off the switch, the gate remains open.

Automatic gate openers use various sensors to prevent them from closing when a car, pet or person is in the way. A dirty electronic eye or reflector causes the opener to malfunction. Units with electronic loop detectors usually have a red light emitting diode that indicates the detector is working. If the LED is dark, the loop detector may require replacement.

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