How Do You Repair a Gas Station Pump?


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Find out which part of the gas pump is broken, and turn off the fuel. A gas station may stop working even if a small detail is not working properly. If a nozzle is broken, detach the nose assembly from the hose, replace the malfunctioning part with a with a new one, and attach the nozzle assembly to the hose again.

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If the problem is with the hose, remove the nozzle from it, detach the hose from the gas station pump with an open-end wrench or vice grips. If it is possible to repair the hose without inducing a fuel leakage, do so. If it is not possible, replace the hose with a new one, and attach all the parts back to the gas pump.

The nozzle is equipped with fuel level sensors that indicate when the gas tank is full and stop the pump. When they are not working correctly, it causes fuel to spill out of the gas tank. If that is happening, replace the sensors. To ensure that the fuel can flow freely through the pump, replace the valves that are not working. However, special training is required for this task, so hire a professional to do it, unless you have the special training needed.

Make sure that all the drainage canals around the gas pump are clean and cleared to ensure that any spilled fuel can drain through them. This reduces the risk of fires.

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